Core Banking Software with Analytics

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What you will get?

  • Data generation: Multiple processing components generate, store and modify data without using a common definition
    • Different operational systems
    • Multiple data sources
    • Growing Customer Base and Transactions
  • Data transformation:
    • Application-specific systems apply different rules without synchronization
    • Communication between systems are mostly managed on a point-to-point basis
    • Programming efforts needed to extract data from Operational systems to enable analytics
  • Data usage: Growing number of Business & Leadership Users
  • Data availability: Real time and Scheduled
  • Assessment and impact analysis
  • Data warehouse Design, Build and Implement
  • Master Data Management for Customer
  • Customer, Risk and Fraud Analytics
  • Data Lake / Big Data implementation for Data Mining & Predictive Analytics


Full Features

  • Interface
    • Web interface responsive, mobile and desktop view capable
    • Employee access Login
    • Multiuser module permission control
    • reCAPTCHA option to protect login page from brute force attacks
    • Multi-language
    • User interface Internalization
    • Selectable Boostrap (Bootswatch) based UI theme
  • Employees
    • Employees Manage
    • Importing from CSV file
    • Exporting to Spreadsheets
  • Sales
    • Sales Management: Receipt
    • Sales Management: Return
    • Sales Management: Quote
    • Sales Management: Suspend
    • Sales Transactions logging
    • Sales Receipt and invoice printing and/or emailing
    • Receiving
    • Temporary Item
    • Gift card Support
    • Rewards on customers
    • Restaurant Tables
    • Purchase Orders
  • Printing
    • Device printing
    • Barcode Printing
    • PDF Printing export
    • Printing Item Labels
    • Fiscal Printing

More Details

  • Inventory
    • Suppliers Management
    • Items Stock Management
    • Items Kits for Items groups
    • Barcode support, Barcode generation
    • Inventory counting
    • Items Management: Category Naming and Image
    • Items Management Taxation
    • Items Price Management
    • Managing Stock for multi location
    • Items Importing from CSV
    • Exporting to Spreadsheets
  • Customers
    • Customer Manage, including registration consent repect GPDR regulations #2003
    • Customer Import from CSV
    • Exporting to Spreadsheets
    • VAT and multi tiers taxation
  • Expenses
    • Expenses logging by Simple and faster UI
  • Reporting
    • Reporting on sales, orders, expenses, inventory status
    • Exporting to Spreadsheets
  • Communications
    • Messaging (SMS)
    • Mailchimp integration
  • Store Office
    • Store Configuration
    • Regionalisation


Software Screenshot

Backend Entry Panel

POS Software

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I buy a new device? Can I use this software in my old device?

You don't need to buy a new device. You can use your old computer, ipad, tablet pc, laptop, pos machine to run this online software.

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Just click above "Buy Now" button to pay. We accept mastercard, visa, american express, paypal etc. After that we will send you software link with necessary access information. If you have any question about your purchased software or related support services then just knock us at skype (id: nazmul401).

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You have to wait for half an hour. To set up a new software it needs minimum 30 minutes. You will get your purchased software links including necessary access within 30 minutes. If you have any question about your purchased software or related support services then just knock us at skype (id: nazmul401). We will be very happy to assist you fast.