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Committed serving you with passion, integrity and transparency.

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Committed serving you with passion, integrity and transparency.

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Healthcare Division
Nikko Corporation delivers free medicine and doctor services in many hospitals to serve poor people at free cost in Asia. Our mobile hospital is very famous to rural people.
Infrastructure Dev
Nikko provides a complete solution to local development needs through efficient and quality services. World class designs and engineers turns your dream into real.
Power Division
Nikko Intelligent Grid management and monitoring systems complement existing utilities network with intelligent communication and control systems.
IT Division
Number #1 Internet of Things (IoT) and Software solution for your business. More than 3000 nos. software engineers and 1000 nos. support engineers worldwide.
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Global Business and Service

Nikko Corporation SG Pte Ltd., No. #1 in IT, RMG Manufacturing, Healthcare, Power and Infrastructure Development sector. We also provide financial and free technical service to run your non-profit organizations smoothly. Our IoT friendly solution and ERP Software can fulfill your business needs professionally.

Making Tomorrow a Better Place

Together we can change the world. We spend a part of our business profit to help poor and helpless people by providing them free food, medical facility, education. We believe a borderless nation where nobody die for food or medical treatment.

Our Business Industries

Garments Industry
Our manufacturing plant is at Savar EPZ zone in Bangladesh. We export all kinds of knitted apparels in the USA, Canada and the EU countries.
Agro Industry
We export top quality spices globally. 100% organic spices and herbs. Hydrophonic farming technology makes the cultivation system more organized and profitable.
Global Trading
We trade into consumer goods and metal scraps. Quality is the key. We import and export consumer goods and metal scrap items.
Nikko One
Nikko One is a diagnostic system that utilizes existing LFIA sensor with a smartphone and machine learning as an accurate quantitative analysis Immunosensor.
Mobile Hospital
Nikko Mobile Hospital in Bangladesh, offering services such as the restoring of eyesight, hearing or mobility by the help of simple surgical interventions.
Nikko builds few hospitals in asian region for poor people where they can get free healthcare services as well as free medicine facility.
Advanced Tech
We have more than 1000 nos. of top level engineers in all over the world who works for the new technology invention. Nikko motto is to serve the nation by its invention.
Medical Research
We are working to establish one medical research institute and hospital in Singapore. Top level doctors and scientists will research for mew medical treatment invention.

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